Online tutorials & Instruction

No doubt about it, Jenny Hart has some great photo step-by-step tutorials on her site, Sublime Stitching. She also has fun, contemporary designs for embroidering (I am especially fond of the Rock N’ Roll designs).

Wild Olive is another site I adore. Mollie has a number of very helpful photo tutorials as well. She has an Etsy store where she has her embroidery designs for purchase.

Other media sources of inspiration

Hoopla- the art of unexpected embroidery by Leanne Praine is an indispensable book for those whose heart flutters to the sound of unconventional embroidery. This quote from the Arsenal Pulp Press website sums it up nicely:

“Hoopla rebels against the quaint and familiar embroidery motifs of flowers and swashes, and focuses instead on innovative stitch artists who specialize on unusual, guerrilla-style patterns such as needlepoint nipple doilies and a ransom note pillow; it demonstrates that modern embroidery artists are as sharp as the needles with which they work. “

It’s a big book- over 400 pages. It’s filled with full-color photographs, artist interviews, as well as some great tips and projects.

Order the book here, check it out at your local library, or just fuckin’ buy it from Amazon or something.

For lots of things I find inspiring, check out the sidebar links…


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