bitchdontkillmyvibeWhen I’m not drawing and painting with thread to good beats, or episodes of broad city, I’m spending my time seeing live music or working at a food co-op which is near and dear to my heart. Going on adventures – whether it be a solo road trip, or an icy walk in the Wisconsin winter is a huge source of inspiration. I also like whiskey.

Why embroidery?

I’ve always had an affinity for textiles, and growing up, my grandmother- skilled in all things needlework- was always working on needle arts projects. When I was a small child, I remember helping her sort out scraps of fabric, and sitting on her lap as she wove rugs for hours. When I got older, she taught me needlework, guiding me through my first counted cross stitch kit (an ice-skating penguin!), and my second needlework kit (a teddy bear with balloons!). She showed me how to crochet, and I made my mom and dad each a crocheted coaster. I even attempted to finish a disgustingly 1970’s latch-hook wall hanging my mother started in the, well, 70’s (I was too impatient to finish that thing and it was most likely sold in a garage sale long ago).

One day in fall of 2012 – yearning for an engrossing hobby to take my racing mind off of things – I decided to peruse my local craft store for a project of sorts. When I encountered the counted cross stitch kit aisle, it clicked. It all looked familiar to me- this will be my hobby! I picked up a small one to refresh my memory.

Shortly after, an Internet search led me to 8 bit video game themed cross stitching. Inspired, I immediately set to work stitching Nintendo characters of all sorts. Next I picked up some tea towels and some dorky iron-on transfers and set to work on line embroidery. Then (after another Internet search) I realized that embroidery can be anything. It doesn’t have to be baby ducks and girls in bonnets doing “women’s work”:  it could be a record cover, or Peter Gabriel’s face, or something I scribbled in a journal a few years ago that really meant something but now it’s kind of embarrassing. The proverbial flood gates of ideas had been opened.

In 2012, I was also going through a considerably stressful period of time where I found myself moderately anxious from day to day.

The act of stitching washed away my anxiety. Embroidery was (and still is) my meditation (and sometimes my frustration, ha). Eventually, the particular situation ended but I am still stitching.

Feel free to drop me a line by leaving a comment, or emailing me (corvusapien [at] gmail[dot]com) to say hi!

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