burn and start again

I’ve caught this late-summer cold thing that’s been going around. Today, for my day off, I woke up at 9, ate a bowl of cereal and went back to sleep… I woke up again at 2 pm to a series of texts from my sweet boyfriend; the latest one, “are you alive? HAHA…”

So now, after a while of feeling completely spaced out, drinking a bunch of orange juice, taking a hot shower, reading some BuzzFeed “articles” on the couch, and indulging in my first cup of coffee of the day at 4 pm, I am in fuzzy head-cold coffee sweats at 5 in the afternoon. And I finally feel motivated enough to get some work done before boyfriend and I cook dinner together.

I have decided to abandon hours upon hours of work and start a project all over again.

Back in February, a good friend asked if I was able and willing to stitch a portrait of her new cat. I enthusiastically responded yes. My first pet portrait commission! She sent me a few pics, I found a nice black sheer fabric to stitch on, as it would nicely contrast the creamy-white cat fur.


It was looking really good and I was really impressed with myself….


…then I did the eyes and I was super impressed with myself and felt like a f*cking BOSS…


…THEN it was going SO slow because I had decided to use one ply. So, I was slowly working away on it, and I noticed that when I dissolved the interfacing (what I used to “transfer” the design onto the fabric, since those white water soluble¬†pencils are total shit), I had some serious puckering going on.

I set it down for awhile and worked on other projects. I kept looking at it, sitting in my studio, comparing it to the photo, and I realized that not only was it terribly puckered, I had also not really captured the correct look on his face that I wanted.

I don’t feel right giving this piece that I don’t totally love to my friend. So I practiced a little with cat eyes and fur, and I have fully committed to starting all over again (with fusible stabilizer on the backside).


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