Improving upon


I’ve been working on improving my coptic stitch.

Above is the binding of the latest journal I made for myself. Since making my last coptic stitch journal, I practiced the binding stitch on a few other book projects. I never was really satisfied with the way the two end stitches looked- as if I was missing an important step. Finally, what I was doing wrong clicked.


The book on top is my current journal; the one on the bottom is my new one. See how the last row of stitching on the left looks like a broken chain? I realized I wasn’t looping the needle around the correct way.


…so I re-stitched my journal. And it looks much better. I also added eyelets in the covers so it looks nicer.

And now, for pictures of my new journal…


For the front cover, I used a scrap of embroidery that I didn’t really know what to use it for. The fabric is from a pair of pants I made into cutoffs. The lyric comes from a song by my favorite band, Circle Takes the Square.

Along with different patterned pages throughout, I incorporated pages of song lyrics within the book, too. These are printed on regular printer paper with is smaller than the other blank pages, with gives the book a bit of texture. Here is lyrcis to Who Stole the Soul by William Elliot Whitmore up against a patterned page and followed by a blank journalling page…


And here is a close-up of the embroidery on the front cover:iknowitsallbeencropped

Besides the eyelets with washers not properly fitting the thickness of the covers, I am very pleased with the turnout! I also discovered that I far prefer binding with hemp cord (which I coat in beeswax) over waxed cotton cord.


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