minotaur take two, and a question for you

After the less-than-ideal result the first time around, I wanted to re-do the little Amnesiac minotaur on a patch for my bag. I procured some lovely linen remnants in a couple different colors from the craft store the other day and wanted to make use of them immediately. I met up with a fellow rad stitcher I met through my blog who happened to live in the same city as I (!), and I stitched up my patch in one afternoon (and in between two mimosas)


This brings me to a question I’ve been pondering myself lately, and I beg to ask of anyone who might be reading this: if you could go back in time to a re-live a previous decade SOLELY FOR THE MUSIC CREATED during that time, which decade would it be?

Mine, without a doubt, would be the 1990’s. Why?! Well, I was an impressionable youth who listened to whatever shitty music was gracing the mainstream radio airwaves in the 90’s and I would like a re-do. If I was coming of age in, say, 1989, I could have voiced my teenage angst through grunge (first wave) and DIY hardcore and punk (when grunge got weak). Then I would have started smoking and listening to Radiohead break through and caught a bunch of their shows. Then, later in the decade, I could discover Neutral Milk Hotel come out of a wonderful succession of bedroom-recorded tapes in a cohesive collection of friends. Simultaneously, Riot Grrrl would have resonated with me when it was still a movement.

I was at least lucky enough to have a brother five years older whom I stole CDs from, notably 90’s rap and hip hop (Mase, Puff Daddy, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G) as well as Live’s Throwing Copper, and Green Day’s Insomniac– my favorite of theirs to date.

Enough of my self-indulgent fantasies- which decade would you choose and why?


2 thoughts on “minotaur take two, and a question for you

  1. Good question, and I’ll have to think about that. I instinctively want to say that no decade is worth re-living for the music, but you make a good point about movements, such as Riot Grrrl, that really do require physical presence. I’ll have to get back to you on this!

    1. Yeah, I just think about what I was doing in the 90’s, and I was too young to “get” a lot that was going on and appreciate music that was not as easily accessible to me as the radio and to identify with themes and messages on a more mature level. The 1970’s would be my runner-up answer. I’m reading a book on Neutral Milk Hotel and am feeling a strong nostalgia for the 90’s.

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