life in a glass house

I have been listening to a lot of Radiohead lately.

I think the tail-end of this Winter’s dreary, frigid weather has something to do with how pertinent the brooding, paranoid-at-times nature of their music is. Coupled with the two tragedies in NYC and Austin yesterday and early this morning remind me of how fragile life is. Coincidentally, I have friends in both cities- one who lives on the same block as the NYC explosion, who grabbed his camera (he’s a professional photographer) and his photos are gracing newspapers around the country, the other in Austin for his annual SXSW trek with friends. Both are thankfully okay.


I stitched the little minotaur from Amnesia’s artwork on a baseball-style shirt last night. It wasn’t the best choice- as soon as the water soluble interfacing dissolved, the stitches became distorted.

Though, it adds a feeling that the stitching has been nervously applied, which I think is allowable considering the subject matter of a weeping minotaur.

Next time I think about stitching on stretchy t-shirt, I will reconsider.


I wore it the next day


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