The weather is warmer today. 40 degrees feels balmy. Balmy reminds me of skirts without two layers of leggings underneath.

I want to tackle a series of embroideries that features body hair on women. Using a medium (embroidery) that is widely considered “women’s work” for this series seems especially apt. So here’s the first one: skirts n’ leg hair.


and doc martens, too.


3 thoughts on “hair

  1. I would suggest using the needle to describe the shape of the leg better – hair is normally thinner around the kneecap and lies in a different direction. Similarly it tends to grow in slightly opposite directions either side of the shin bone, where again the hair tends to be thinner

    1. Yep, I realized halfway through the first leg I should have considered the directions that hair grows and even could have studied my own legs as an example. Lesson learned. Thank you.

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