Rainer Maria- Long Knives Drawn

I had a vision to embark on a series of scaled-down embroidered album covers. I have thought of a few I could pull off, but the first one that I have sprung into action on is an adaptation of Rainer Maria’s 2002 album Long Knives Drawn.Long_Knives_Drawn

The artwork, by Allyson Mellberg and Matt Owens – just delights me every time I look at it. The stitching would be simple enough, and it would be a fun excuse to browse lovely fabric at Joann’s to create my first attempted appliquéd piece.

I think I did a pretty dang good job at matching the illustration with fabrics currently stocked by Joann’s.


Yeah, I left the dainty text off and I didn’t stitch the flowers exactly the same. My stitched cursive needs a lot of practice still. I am considering using ink for the writing.

Oh, and fun fact- the band (or at least most of the band) used to live in the same house a few good friends currently reside in. The band doesn’t live in Madison anymore, but they did for a time when they were going to school here. Also, this album was recorded at the legendary Smart Studios which unfortunately have since shut down.


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