there was me- that is Alex…

I managed to find all the pieces to my Alex DeLarge costume a few days before Halloween. I was Daria for Bill & Jesse’s annual party, but I’ve been wanting to construct an Alex costume for almost ten years, so I set off to do it and succeeded wildly..1441

I found the white top and bottom at a thrift shop, bought the hat, suspenders, and eyeball bouncy balls (which are barely visible in the picture) from a party goods store, fake eyelashes from yet another store, and I even went to a sporting goods store for the jock strap (stuffed, of course- with a fat quarter of fabric). I was feeling very proud of my findings, but I needed more. I needed THE MASK. You know the one…


that’s the one

After perusing a few online tutorials, I bought a block of Sculpy and a filmsy Mardi Gras mask and set off to form a penis to sit on my face. Here is my phallic nose baking alongside my housemate’s casserole.


It somehow worked beautifully, and for the finishing touch, I painted it with acrylics while my friends’ band assembled their CDs in the living room of the Mini Mansion. In all, the most expensive part of my costume ended up being the suspenders, totaling almost ten dollars.

We went to Mickey’s (Jordi wearing my Max from Where the Wild Things Are costume) and I creeped out a few people. Success. I can’t wait to wear this costume again next year!


Alex DeLarge of Madison, Wisconsin drinks organic keifer-plus over milk-plus.


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