hobbit castle

311Yesterday was absolutely magical.

During the Winter, my friend Addie watched over a, well- it’s a house, but a more appropriate way of describing it is a magical compound set into the side of a glacier mound surrounded by woods and riverbeds. It’s a truly inspiring property- a cabin with more rooms than I could count; an open, multi-level building heated solely by wood stove. Closer to the road sits an enormous glass-encased pavilion/workshop (shown in the top picture). Nooks and crannies abound, as well as mysterious cemented-off tunnels.

292There was treasure to be found everywhere.

 Addie invited a bunch of folks out to the property- dubbed “The Hobbit Castle”- for a huge party. We packed the car and rolled in around 4 pm. We cracked some beers, took off exploring…



324 See-through stairs!

303      <- and a bedroom, oh my!

           A few of us hiked up the mound just in time for the sun to set.


Then we scurried down the hill, ate some food, explored some more, and before long, the bands started setting up in the glass house. Three of our friends’ bands played- The Wets, Bes Monde, and Cowboy Winter. I think Cowboy went on at about 2 am. After the music died down, we found nooks to sleep in and the sun came up on us, leaving a few folks without a wink of sleep.


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