so now I got a black eye…

CAM01297“Black Eye” sketch from Dec 2010 journal…

CAM01300…turning 3D in 2013.

I drew the little cartoon face of me after I fell off my bike in Winter 2010 and hit my head on the concrete…  I had a black eye for two and half weeks (please forgive me for the grossly over-saturated  “canvas” photo: I was really into Hipstamatic at the time):

so now i got a black eye 016

At first going to work with it and being so face-to-face with many people (I work at a very hoppin’ food co-op, and was a cashier at that time) was intimidating and I dreaded it. Once I ‘got used’ to having a black eye, it was not a big deal at all.

A few co-workers (and a few customers) joked about it to me; one of the jokes being that I got into a fight with someone, came out with a black eye, but roughed them up way worse- hence the lil “you should see the other guy” quip on my cartoon.

Not being much of draw-er (something I’m trying to work on), I was particularly proud of this little sketch of myself. When I picked up embroidery again, I remembered this and wanted to try to stitch it. However simple it may be, it’s one of my favorite things I’ve done so far.


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